Symptom management

Medication prescribing guidance for professional staff who work within the Community Health Services.

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Dying is not as bad as you think – Kathryn Mannix video
21st April 2020

Palliative care doctor and author Kathryn Mannix argues that it's time to break the taboo that exists around death.

How To Cope With Being Short of Breath – Breathing Exercises – Leaflet
24th March 2020

There is a video that also shows you these exercises. Designed originally for patients with breathing problems. Breathlessness might occur also with Covid-19 and these exercises may help. If in doubt seek medical advice.

Positioning to reduce breathlessness – Video
24th March 2020 | Source: NHS University Hospitals Plymouth Physiotherapy

A short video for patients and carers about the best positions to adopt to help someone short of breath

End of Life Diabetes Care – Clinical Care Recommendations
19th February 2020 | Source:

Patients with diabetes who are at the end of life, have a unique set of care needs, including those relating to health and social care. However end-of-life diabetes care has been recognised as an area lacking quality standards and guidance on best clinical practice. This is the third edition of this guidance, which aims to summarise a consistent but high-quality approach towards end-of-life care for people with diabetes by providing a series of clinical care recommendations. The documents have been endorsed by leading diabetes organisations including: NHS England, ABCD, TREND-UK, diabetesFrail, National Diabetes Nurse Consultants, PCDS and the RCN.

Syringe Drivers explained
25th June 2019 | Source: Marie Curie

This is a short video designed to explain to patients and relatives what a syringe driver is and what it does. There are more helpful resources on the Marie Curie website

Risk feeding policy for Lincolnshire
5th February 2019 | Source: LCHS

The aim of this policy is to provide documentation and guidance for all professionals working with patients for who risk feeding is a management option. This is designed for people looking after patients who have trouble swallowing and may be at risk of aspiration

Management of the swollen limb (video)
19th December 2017 | Source: The Palliative Care Bridge

In this thorough presentation, Terence Ryan discusses the pathophysiology and management of the swollen limb, including aspects of palliative care.

Delirium and Depression (video)
19th December 2017 | Source: The Palliative Care Bridge

During this in-depth presentation, Meera Agar discusses delirium and depression – two critical conditions that impact upon brain function in advanced illness.

Respiratory symptoms in the palliative setting (video)
19th December 2017 | Source: The Palliative Care Bridge

In this informative presentation, Anthoulla Mohamudally gives an overview of respiratory symptoms in the palliative setting, focussing on the management of dyspnoea and respiratory secretions.

Managing nausea and vomiting (video)
19th December 2017 | Source: The palliative Care Bridge

Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms in palliative care and have a significant impact on patients’ quality of life. An interview with Dr Bridget Johnson.

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