Last year / months of life

A guide for professionals who care for patients believed to be in the last year of life.

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Information on Eating and Drinking – Information for family and friends as dementia progresses towards the end of life produced by Marie Curie
14th June 2021

This booklet has been designed for family or friends providing support for someone living with dementia who is experiencing difficulties with eating and drinking in the later stages. of Dementia. This booklet may help you to make decisions, provide care, plan for future care, and it may also help to guide discussions with health professionals. You may not want to read all of this information at this time but might wish to come back to this booklet at a later time.

Gold Standards Framework
24th April 2021

Enabling a 'gold standard' of care for all people nearing the end of life

National Public Health Profiles
24th April 2021 | Source: Public Health England

Sets out a vision for public health. Includes profiles which are a source of indicators across a wide range of health and well being themes. Indicators can be browsed at different geographical levels.

Palliative Care Identification Tools Compared
24th June 2020 | Source: Healthcare Improvement Scotland 2018

This tool has been designed to help health and social care professionals identify those who would benefit from a palliative approach to their care. Earlier identification has many advantages. It can allow people to make informed choices about what medical treatments and care they would like to receive, or not receive, and to prioritise things that are important to them when length of life may be short, or when the presence of irreversible illness has altered life for that person.

End-of-life Care Toolkits for Carers at Home
25th March 2020 | Source: The Helix Centre

There is an excellent guide here to help families, friends, volunteers or generalist clinicians without experience of caring for a person who is dying to support someone dying at home - From the Helix Centre working with Central North West London NHS Trust who have developed it

Polypharmacy Guidance – Medicines Review
24th March 2020 | Source: Scottish Government

This combined mobile app and website aim to support healthcare professionals, patients and carers to make shared decisions about medicines, based on the Scottish Government's Polypharmacy Guidance: Realistic Prescribing, 3rd edition.

End of Life Diabetes Care – Clinical Care Recommendations
19th February 2020 | Source:

Patients with diabetes who are at the end of life, have a unique set of care needs, including those relating to health and social care. However end-of-life diabetes care has been recognised as an area lacking quality standards and guidance on best clinical practice. This is the third edition of this guidance, which aims to summarise a consistent but high-quality approach towards end-of-life care for people with diabetes by providing a series of clinical care recommendations. The documents have been endorsed by leading diabetes organisations including: NHS England, ABCD, TREND-UK, diabetesFrail, National Diabetes Nurse Consultants, PCDS and the RCN.

National NHS Continuing Healthcare Information and Advice Service (Beacon)
26th July 2017

Beacon has been commissioned to provide an information and advice service across England. Information and advice is accessible in the form of free and comprehensive written guidance, and individuals are also able to access up to 90 minutes of free advice with a trained NHS continuing healthcare adviser.

Talk CPR
7th December 2016 | Source: Dying Matters in Wales

An award winning website from Wales, but also applicable to England. It provides a number of resources for patients, carers and professionals to help everyone understand CPR, DNACPR and the importance of talking about these issues. (CPR= Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and DNACPR is Do Not Attempt CPR, or in other words allowing a natural death without attempting to restart the heart after death)

Being there for someone with a terminal illness
7th December 2016 | Source: Marie Curie

This booklet is for anyone providing care and support for someone living with a terminal illness. It includes details on day-to-day caring, your rights as a carer and how to access professional support. It also focuses on the emotional impact of caring and how to look after your own wellbeing. Also available as an audiobook.

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