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19th February 2019

Here is the form which you can partially complete on your computer. It then has to be printed off and scanned onto the clinical system. Printing in colour is best so it is recognisable and acceptable to all groups. It is not shareable electronically. If you require printed forms then to order additional ReSPECT forms, you can make contact in two ways by email: or call Lincs. West Quality Team on 01522 515351, they are a very helpful team and respond quickly to requests.

Prescribing Oxygen under the COVID-19 Pandemic
13th June 2020 | Source: Air Liquide

Here is the updated guidance. There are links to the necessary documents. Take your time as I do not think it is written clearly for the casual prescriber, not used to the acronyms! However all the links are here. The Home Oxygen Consent Form (HOCF) and Initial Home Oxygen Risk Mitigation Form (IHORM) ​must be completed ​prior ​to completing a Part A Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF). A palliative patient does not need a Home Oxygen Assessment and Review (HOS-AR) if they are not suitable.

Guidance on the Management of Symptomatic Patients Dying from COVID-19 – Lincolnshire
13th April 2020 | Source: St Barnabas Hospice, Lincolnshire

Produced by the palliative care consultants at St Barnabas Hospice. Advice on the common symptoms in those dying at home of Covid-19 and the treatments that may alleviate suffering. Includes and updated anticipatory medication chart (just in case or CD1)

ReSPECT and Planning Ahead Video – updated for COVID-19
7th April 2020 | Source: St Barnabas and LWCCG

An excellent 11 minute video from Dr Adam Brown, Consultant in Palliative Medicine at St Barnabas Hospice and ULHT. It discusses how to write a ReSPECT with special reference to Covid-19, answers some frequently asked questions and feedbacks some audit results.

ReSPECT and Communication – Video
15th April 2020 | Source: St Barnabas

This video by Dr Adam Brown looks at communication skills, areas to cover in a ReSPECT conversation (including when considering issues around COVID-19), and looks at a framework for discussing unwelcome news. It also points people towards useful resources on the End of Life Care and e-Learning for Health websites. It is around 11 minutes long. Please feel free to circulate it as you wish.

ReSPECT and Symptom Management – Video updated for Covid-19
18th April 2020 | Source: St Barnabas Hospice

Another video from Dr Adam Brown, the third. It covers the new symptom management guidance relating to patients dying from COVID-19 infection, and points people towards where they can find these guidelines on the EOLC website. It is about 12 minutes long.

Discussing Unwelcome News – Covid-19. A Framework for Discussion
2nd April 2020 | Source: RealTalk

A wonderful resource from RealTalk. 5 steps to breaking bad news modified for the Covid-19 Pandemic

List of most useful resources of Covid-19 on website
2nd June 2020 | Source: St Barnabas

This is our visual overview of the most useful resources. It may be difficult to read on a phone but should work on a tablet or computer. was not designed for COVID-19 but for palliative care. Over time the most read articles appear at the top of the page. With COVID-19 the situation has changed so rapidly that it can be difficult to navigate. This is a workaround. Would welcome feedback

Advance Care Plan (ACP) – Lincolnshire. Word version
12th May 2020 | Source: Lincolnshire Health Organisations

The latest version of the Advance Care Plan for Lincolnshire which is much simpler, more person centred and a massive improvement. Only 4 pages long. You no longer need to be a health professional to understand it.

Coronavirus guidance for clinicians and NHS managers (all areas)
1st May 2020 | Source:

The best place to find the latest guidance from NHS England. There are 3 sections for Primary Care; Secondary Care; Community health, social care, mental health trusts and ambulance services. Originally I downloaded the specific documents but there was a risk of it being put of date because the information changes almost daily.

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