Care after death

A guide for professionals giving care after death. Guidance for staff responsible for care after death.

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Gold Standards Framework
24th April 2021

Enabling a 'gold standard' of care for all people nearing the end of life

Leading during bereavement and complex grief during COVID-19
3rd June 2020 | Source: NHS UK

For team leaders working in the NHS. Specific resources and guidance to help you navigate leading your teams in the event of grief. Fairly short and to the point with a long list of very helpful further resources

Coping with Bereavement Toolkit
 in COVID-19
3rd June 2020 | Source: DHSS

This is for managers and organisations. It is a short Powerpoint from the Department of Health and Social Care that will download on to your device. It deals with how to support staff with working remotely and dealing with the loss of a colleague.

Protect Against Posthumous ID Theft
13th November 2019

Unfortunately it is increasingly common for the identity of deceased individuals to be stolen causing further stress and grief for the families. The guide focuses solely on the legal/procedural aspects of a death but the problem of posthumous identity theft gets overlooked.

Sue Ryder online community
7th December 2016

If someone you love is dying or has died, Sue Ryder's online community is a place to share experiences, get things off your chest, ask questions and chat to people who understand. Invaluable for those that cannot leave their home.

End of Life Care Audit: Dying in Hospital
21st April 2016

The End of Life Care Audit: Dying in Hospital is a national clinical audit commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) and run by the Royal College of Physicians, with additional funding provided by Marie Curie to assist with the dissemination and usage of audit results for quality improvement purposes.

Marie Curie – How we can help
21st April 2016

A range of very useful resources for sufferers, carers and relatives. These range from diagnosis to bereavement support. They even offer telephone support and an online chat function

BMA Guidance on Certification of Death
22nd October 2015

Advice for GPs on their roles and responsibility about the certification of death of one of their patients.

What to do after someone dies
24th April 2015 | Source:

What to do after a death. Links through to Tell Us Once to inform all government organisations in one go

First national VOICES survey of bereaved people
24th April 2015 | Source: Department of Health

Key findings from national survey of bereaved people by primary care cluster. Wide range of topics surveyed, including overall quality of care and pain relief, among others

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