Care after death

A guide for professionals giving care after death. Guidance for staff responsible for care after death.

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Gold Standards Framework
24th April 2015

Enabling a 'gold standard' of care for all people nearing the end of life

What to expect when someone important to you is dying
24th April 2015 | Source: NCPC

What to expect when someone is in the very last days and hours of life. For all end of life conditions. Designed as a guide for carers, families and friends.

What to do after someone dies
24th April 2015 | Source:

What to do after a death. Links through to Tell Us Once to inform all government organisations in one go

Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People
28th May 2015 | Source: NHS

New approach to caring for people in the last few days and hours of life that focuses on the needs and wishes of the dying person and those close to them, in the planning and delivery of care, in any setting

iPal App
24th April 2015

Palliative care information in an app for smart phones and tablets. Research based. Includes information on assessment, management, planning and communication, as well as a visual scale to aid assessment

RCGP Curriculum
24th April 2015

The RCGP Curriculum for GPs dealing with end of life care

First national VOICES survey of bereaved people
24th April 2015 | Source: Department of Health

Key findings from national survey of bereaved people by primary care cluster. Wide range of topics surveyed, including overall quality of care and pain relief, among others

E-learning to support end of life care
24th April 2015 | Source: e-Learning for Healthcare

E-learning to support end of life care - e-ELCA

Explaining end of life care
27th May 2015 | Source: Locally Healthy

Easy to understand information about end of life care

PallCare Matters (PANG for smartphones)
24th April 2015

You must register for this site. Palliative Care Adult Network Guidelines for smartphones. Excellent information but some users do not like the format.

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