What to do after a death in the community – a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Designed for the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are busy, go to page 11 and look at Appendix 3. This should give you the key information. However, when you have time read the whole document as it is packed with useful information

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Your electronic patient record & the sharing on information
13th September 2016

For patients. The enhanced data sharing model (eDSM) is used by SystmOne, a clinical computer system. This is used by 80% GPs in Lincolnshire, 100% of community and Macmillan nurses and St Barnabas Hospice. This leaflet explains your choices. A share is necessary for other professionals to work as a team around the patient.

Hospice UK’s PopNAT (Population-based needs assessment tool)
4th April 2018 | Source: Hospice UK

Hospice UK’s PopNAT (Population-based needs assessment tool) has been created to support hospices, local decision makers and other service providers across health and social care to plan for the future, identify unmet need and to innovate services based on intelligence about the end of life and palliative care needs of the local population.

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