Tips for Advance Care planning (ACP) for GPs

Some very practical tips from Dr. Patrick McDaid, Macmillan Palliative Care GP Facilitator for Camden and Islington in 2012 on how a busy GP can do Advance Care Planning.

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Widening access to palliative care for people with learning disabilities
22nd October 2015

The aim of this publication is to share some of the thinking, good practice and resources that have been developed throughout learning disability and end of life care services in a form that will be accessible to all practitioners but especially those working in hospice settings.

Planning for your future care – a guide
2nd June 2016 | Source: NHS Improving Quality

You may want to take the opportunity to think about what living with a serious illness might mean to you, your partner or your relatives, particularly if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. You may wish to record what your preferences and wishes for future care and treatment might be or you may simply choose to do nothing at all. This booklet provides a simple explanation about advance care planning and the different options open to you.

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