SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for accessing end of life care options at home – Covid-19 Pandemic

For health and social care professionals. This SOP outlines the place of care choices and referral processes for palliative and end of life care patients during COVID-19

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End of Life training, education and resources from the NHS
20th July 2016

NHS Employers have been working with Health Education England on a new programme of work which aims to support organisations to invest in the continuing professional development (CPD) and capacity building of staff in order to deliver high quality end of life care. Here, they provide you with information, tools and resources to help encourage and enable learning in this important area.

Verification of Death – COVID-19 Clarification
15th April 2020 | Source: LMC Lincolnshire

Verification of death is to confirm that someone who has died is actually dead. In the community we have become accustomed to this being done by nurses and doctors working in the community. In the current crisis with COVID-19, these staff may not be readily available. Here is guidance from Lincolnshire about what is required in law and sensible procedures. This is almost certainly going to be a difficult time for carers and family. Undertakers can also verify death.

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