Seeking consent with older people

This leaflet is for the older person It aims "to answer your questions about what you have a right to expect and what to do."

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A proactive approach to Palliative and End of Life Care for all Diagnoses
8th January 2016 | Source: Lawrence Pike and City Graphics

This guide is a tool for health and social care professionals to support patients at different stages on their journey. 2nd Edition 08/01/16

The enhanced data sharing model (eDSM) – health professionals
13th September 2016

A leaflet from TPP explaining the eDSM for Health Professionals. SystmOne is used by 80% GPs in Lincolnshire, 100% of community and Macmillan nurses and St Barnabas Hospice. This leaflet explains the choices. A share is necessary for other professionals to work as a team around the patient. There is also a leaflet for patients

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