Remdesivir for patients hospitalised with COVID-19 (adults and children aged 12 years and older)

For hospital prescribers. Defines routine access to remdesivir and criteria for a shortage

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Caldicott Review of Data Security, Consent and Opt-Outs
19th January 2017

The Secretary of State for Health asked the National Data Guardian to develop a consent/ opt-out model which makes it absolutely clear to patients/users of care when health and social care information about them will be used and in what circumstances they can opt out. This report addresses the question of what more can be done to build trust in how the NHS and social care services look after people’s con dential data and use it appropriately.

Anticipatory Prescribing Form; CD1 Form; Gold Form. Word version
14th May 2018

Here is the 2018 version of the Lincolnshire Anticipatory Prescribing Form also known as the CD1 or Gold Form. Please print this off on yellow paper. This makes it stand out from the mountain of paperwork from different teams supporting the patient at end of life. It greatly helps the nurses who are asked to dispense these drugs, to find the form. Many thanks to Dr Kat Collett at St Barnabas and her team from multiple providers around the county.

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