Referral criteria and process for admission to Butterfly Hospice, Boston (interim document to be reviewed June 2021)

Information for Health and Social Care professionals. This document gives information on how to make a referral to the Butterfly Hospice The Butterfly Hospice is a purpose built six bedded nurse led unit in Boston for palliative care Palliative Care patients. The patients who can most benefit from admission are those with non-complex physical symptoms, psychological or spiritual needs that are causing distress, or palliative care needs that are difficult to address in the patient’s usual home or care setting.

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Pharmacy rota – Out of Hours supply of Controlled Drugs December 2020
24th December 2020 | Source: Lincolnshire NHS

Information for Health and Social care professionals. Out of Hours supply of Controlled Drugs for Palliative patients Extended Hours Pharmacies for Christmas period 2020

COVID-19: Evidence-based advice for difficult conversations
27th March 2020 | Source: Prof Ruth Parry University of Loughborough

From Professor Ruth Parry and colleagues for health and social care professionals. She has put together some evidence-based guidance. We hope this will be helpful to those of you who are likely to be having – and training people who will have - difficult conversations in the care of people with COVID-19. The evidence comes from research on thousands of difficult conversations recorded across various health and social care settings in the UK, Australia, and the US. If you would like a version with references to the original publications, please email the Real Talk team

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