Planning for Future Care Guidance (Adult): Advance Care Planning (ACP), Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) & ReSPECT – Lincolnshire

The purpose of this guidance document is to support staff involved with care planning and decision making for people with life limiting condition in Lincolnshire. It is comprehensive (48 pages) and covers many areas including deactivating ICDs, mental capacity etc

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Lincolnshire Care Portal – COVID-19 blood test results
13th April 2020

You can now view patients Covid-19 test results on the Care Portal. Here is a 6 page guide to show you how.

COVID-19 – Resources for Healthcare Professionals – APM (Association for Palliative Medicine)
2nd June 2020 | Source: APM

A really useful and easy to navigate site with the usual disclaimers in this rapidly changing situation. Works on Google Chrome but not all browsers like Safari.

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