Planning for Future Care Guidance (Adult): Advance Care Planning (ACP), Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment (ADRT) & ReSPECT – Lincolnshire

The purpose of this guidance document is to support staff involved with care planning and decision making for people with life limiting condition in Lincolnshire. It is comprehensive (48 pages) and covers many areas including deactivating ICDs, mental capacity etc

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Helping GPs to identify their palliative care patients
13th October 2015 | Source:

Around one percent of a GPs patients will die in any given year. The Find Your 1% campaign aims to help GPs identify those patients who have a year or less to live. The campaign is hosted by the Dying Matters Coalition.

Hospital visiting for those receiving care at the end of their life.
10th June 2020 | Source: ULHT

This is updated guidance from ULHT. "End of life" in the document looks to be used as the last days of life. I have amended the title on the website to avoid confusion - the NHS England definition of end of life is the last 12 months of life.

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