Palliative Care Identification Tools Compared

This tool has been designed to help health and social care professionals identify those who would benefit from a palliative approach to their care. Earlier identification has many advantages. It can allow people to make informed choices about what medical treatments and care they would like to receive, or not receive, and to prioritise things that are important to them when length of life may be short, or when the presence of irreversible illness has altered life for that person.

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Macmillan support for GPs, resources and training regarding cancer patients
27th August 2019 | Source: Macmillan

Macmillan has produced a number of toolkits, guidance documents and online training modules to support GPs as they connect with cancer patients from early diagnosis through to after treatment, and at end-of-life.

Dying for Change
4th October 2016 | Source: Demos

“To allow people the deaths they want, end of life care must be radically transformed...” Demos is an independent think-tank focused on power and politics. They develop and spread ideas to give people more power over their own lives. Their vision is of a democracy of powerful citizens, with an equal stake in society.

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