Palliative Care Identification Tools Compared

This tool has been designed to help health and social care professionals identify those who would benefit from a palliative approach to their care. Earlier identification has many advantages. It can allow people to make informed choices about what medical treatments and care they would like to receive, or not receive, and to prioritise things that are important to them when length of life may be short, or when the presence of irreversible illness has altered life for that person.

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Personalised care and support planning handbook
22nd June 2016 | Source: NHS England

Personalised care and support planning is an essential prerequisite for helping people living with long term conditions. It transforms their experience from a largely reactive service, which responds when something goes wrong, to a more helpful proactive service, centred on the needs of each individual patient.

Becoming a dementia-friendly retailer: A practical guide
2nd August 2016 | Source: Alzheimers Society

This is for retail organisations of all sizes. It offers guidance on how to increase staff understanding and improve store environments and facilities to make them more accessible to people with dementia, their families and carers.

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