Palliative Care Identification Tools Compared

This tool has been designed to help health and social care professionals identify those who would benefit from a palliative approach to their care. Earlier identification has many advantages. It can allow people to make informed choices about what medical treatments and care they would like to receive, or not receive, and to prioritise things that are important to them when length of life may be short, or when the presence of irreversible illness has altered life for that person.

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A good death – Molly’s story
28th January 2016 | Source: NHS Berkshire

The film tells the story of Molly, her daughter and the care package around Molly that allowed her to remain at home and die peacefully. It’s a great story of what happens when the system works well and families talk in advance about a loved one’s wishes. Over 12 minutes Molly’s increasing frailty is set out, how the family prepared for her death and what happened at the end.

Transforming EoLC in hospitals
3rd November 2016

A set of slides presented at a Webinar showing initiatives around England to improve End of Life Care in hospitals.

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