Palliative and End of Life Strategic Delivery Plan for Lincolnshire 2017 – 2022

Lincolnshire Palliative and end of life care strategy 2017 - 2022

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The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Proactive Identification Guidance (PIG) Identify
5th April 2017

This updated 6th edition of the GSF PIG is renamed as Proactive Identification Guidance (was Prognostic Indicator Guidance) aims to enable the earlier identification of people nearing the end of their life who may need additional supportive care.

Consent form for Home Oxygen and Risk Mitigation (HOCF and IHORM) – new patients
16th June 2020

Forms are here for both the consent and for reducing the risks of home oxygen. Please beware that both pieces of paper need signing before completing the Part A of the HOOF (Search for Prescribing Oxygen under COVID-19 on this website)

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