Neighbourhood Clusters- Neighbourhood Teams – contact details

Resource for Health and Social Care Professionals. Map of the Neighbourhood clusters. Contact details for Neighbourhood Leads in the East, South and west and how to make a nomination

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How to find the COVID-19 Resources
18th April 2020

Read this. 1/ Click the title box. 2/ Or use the drop down menu just above this box. "I am interested in - Select a Topic" The Covid-19 Resource link is at the bottom of the list. 3/ Here is the link to download the most useful resources:

Coping with Bereavement Toolkit
 in COVID-19
3rd June 2020 | Source: DHSS

This is for managers and organisations. It is a short Powerpoint from the Department of Health and Social Care that will download on to your device. It deals with how to support staff with working remotely and dealing with the loss of a colleague.

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