Neighbourhood Clusters- Neighbourhood Teams – contact details

Resource for Health and Social Care Professionals. Map of the Neighbourhood clusters. Contact details for Neighbourhood Leads in the East, South and west and how to make a nomination

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Discussing Unwelcome News – Covid-19. A Framework for Discussion
2nd April 2020 | Source: RealTalk

A wonderful resource from RealTalk. 5 steps to breaking bad news modified for the Covid-19 Pandemic

Verification of Death – COVID-19 Clarification
15th April 2020 | Source: LMC Lincolnshire

Verification of death is to confirm that someone who has died is actually dead. In the community we have become accustomed to this being done by nurses and doctors working in the community. In the current crisis with COVID-19, these staff may not be readily available. Here is guidance from Lincolnshire about what is required in law and sensible procedures. This is almost certainly going to be a difficult time for carers and family. Undertakers can also verify death.

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