Information on Eating and Drinking – Information for family and friends as dementia progresses towards the end of life produced by Marie Curie

This booklet has been designed for family or friends providing support for someone living with dementia who is experiencing difficulties with eating and drinking in the later stages. of Dementia. This booklet may help you to make decisions, provide care, plan for future care, and it may also help to guide discussions with health professionals. You may not want to read all of this information at this time but might wish to come back to this booklet at a later time.

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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for accessing end of life care options at home – Covid-19 Pandemic
10th June 2020 | Source: NHS Lincolnshire

For health and social care professionals. This SOP outlines the place of care choices and referral processes for palliative and end of life care patients during COVID-19

Prevention of pressure damage in palliative patients
17th September 2015

Guidance as to how to try and prevent pressure damage to the skin in palliative and end of life patients.

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