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Any accident, event or circumstance that could or did lead led to harm, loss or damage to people, property, reputation, or other occurrence that could impact on the organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives

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Risk feeding policy for Lincolnshire
5th February 2019 | Source: LCHS

The aim of this policy is to provide documentation and guidance for all professionals working with patients for who risk feeding is a management option. This is designed for people looking after patients who have trouble swallowing and may be at risk of aspiration

The role of Ambulance Trusts in respecting people’s end-of-life wishes
30th September 2018 | Source: Compassion in Dying

Compassion in Dying put in a freedom of information request to Ambulance Trusts across the UK and publishes the results in this document. It highlights the lack of information available to Paramedics about patient wishes at end of life in some areas of the UK.

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