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Any accident, event or circumstance that could or did lead led to harm, loss or damage to people, property, reputation, or other occurrence that could impact on the organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives

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Project ECHO short introduction video
23rd October 2018

A short animated video which explains the basics of Project ECHO in a simple and straightforward manner. Project ECHO is supported by Hospice UK and St Barnabas is a hub for Lincolnshire. Everyone is a learner, everyone is a teacher. An evidence based way of revolutionising healthcare.

SPICT-4ALL – A tool for everyone to identify those in need of supportive or palliative care
21st June 2017

People whose health is declining from one or more health problems often miss out on well planned care and support because they are not identified and offered the right help soon enough. SPICT-4ALL aims to make it easier for everyone to recognise and talk about signs that a person’s overall health may be declining so that those people and their carers get better coordinated care and support whether they are at home, living in a care home or in hospital. Health Professionals see the original SPICT on this website.

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