Guidance on the Management of Symptomatic Patients Dying from COVID-19 – Lincolnshire

Produced by the palliative care consultants at St Barnabas Hospice. Advice on the common symptoms in those dying at home of Covid-19 and the treatments that may alleviate suffering. Includes and updated anticipatory medication chart (just in case or CD1)

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Advance Care Plan (ACP) – Lincolnshire pdf version
2nd April 2020

The latest version of the Advance Care Plan for Lincolnshire which is much simpler, more person centred and a massive improvement. Only 4 pages long. You no longer need to be a health professional to understand it.

Importing drug formularies into SystmOne
14th May 2018

Instructions on how to import the palliative care formulary into SystmOne. The formulary allows you to more easily prescribe anticipatory medications as suggested in the CD1 gold form 2018. Remember to check doses for your specific patient. Thanks to Dr Kieran Sharrock at the LMC

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