Guidance on the Management of Symptomatic Patients Dying from COVID-19 – Lincolnshire

Produced by the palliative care consultants at St Barnabas Hospice. Advice on the common symptoms in those dying at home of Covid-19 and the treatments that may alleviate suffering. Includes and updated anticipatory medication chart (just in case or CD1)

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Setting up a T34 Syringe Driver video
20th September 2017

This is a very good YouTube video on setting up a T34 syringe driver from Claire Britton, Specialist Nurse Practitioner from Sobell House's Community Team in Oxfordshire

Easy Read – All About Coronavirus
12th May 2020 | Source: Mencap

An easy read document produced by Menap. Explains what to expect if someone I know goes into hospital. Helpful especially for someone with a learning disability

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