Guidance for registered medical practitioners on the Notification of Deaths Regulations 2019

These new Regulations set out the range of circumstances in which deaths must be notified to the Coroner, with further practical detail provided in the recently published accompanying guidance document. Came into force 1st October 2019.

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Care After Death: Registered Nurse Verification of Expected Adult Death (RNVoEAD) guidance
4th April 2018 | Source: Hospice UK

The aim of this guideline and the accompanying competency assessment tool is to provide a framework for the timely verification of expected adult deaths by experienced registered nurses. Produced by Hospice UK with other national organisations. Lincolnshire has similar guidance.

Sue Ryder online community
7th December 2016

If someone you love is dying or has died, Sue Ryder's online community is a place to share experiences, get things off your chest, ask questions and chat to people who understand. Invaluable for those that cannot leave their home.

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