Good HOOF (Part A) guide for Primary Care and Out of Hours teams Nov 2020 Update

This guide will support non specialist teams who need to order home oxygen for palliative and cluster headache patients (normally following a consultant recommendation and not already under the care of a Home Oxygen Assessment and Review [HOS-AR] team). All other oxygen requirement should be referred to a specialist HOS-AR team. To ensure the patient fulfils the criteria for long term or ambulatory oxygen therapy – LTOT/AOT. Produced on behalf of the National Home Oxygen Safety Group.

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Butterfly Advance Care Planning & Co-ordination Team (ACCT)- Butterfly Hospice
9th November 2020 | Source: Lincolnshire NHS

Brief overview document Informing about a new service been developed in response to feedback from people, including patients, their families and carers and health professionals. It aims to give time and space for the difficult and compassionate conversations that are needed when discussing future wishes and choices about their end of life care. . It will also put in place plans which are shared with their GP and other community teams to make sure that the palliative care provided meets their needs as closely as possible. On Monday 09 November 2020, this service will be initiated to support people who have deteriorating health and require supportive palliative care, being discharged from Pilgrim Hospital in Boston. The service will be delivered by the Butterfly Advance Care Planning & Coordination Team (ACCT), supported by the Butterfly Hospice. It will operate Monday to Friday, 1000-1800 hrs. See SOP for more details

Dr Kathryn Mannix 29th March 2020 Facebook post about Covid-19
2nd April 2020 | Source: Dr Kathryn Mannix

Dr Mannix says "Today I was asked a great question about deciding whether or not a ventilator is the right treatment if someone has severe Corona virus infec1on. Is it better just to stay home? Will I die anyway? I gave my best answer, and tagged a very senior and experienced ICU specialist for her opinion, too. I thought the conversation might help lots of people who are discussing what treatments they would accept, and where they would draw the line, if they become very sick." If only we were all blessed with her communication skills.

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