Good HOOF (Part A) guide for Primary Care and Out of Hours teams Nov 2020 Update

This guide will support non specialist teams who need to order home oxygen for palliative and cluster headache patients (normally following a consultant recommendation and not already under the care of a Home Oxygen Assessment and Review [HOS-AR] team). All other oxygen requirement should be referred to a specialist HOS-AR team. To ensure the patient fulfils the criteria for long term or ambulatory oxygen therapy – LTOT/AOT. Produced on behalf of the National Home Oxygen Safety Group.

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Verification of Death – COVID-19 Clarification
15th April 2020 | Source: LMC Lincolnshire

Verification of death is to confirm that someone who has died is actually dead. In the community we have become accustomed to this being done by nurses and doctors working in the community. In the current crisis with COVID-19, these staff may not be readily available. Here is guidance from Lincolnshire about what is required in law and sensible procedures. This is almost certainly going to be a difficult time for carers and family. Undertakers can also verify death.

List of most useful resources of Covid-19 on website
2nd June 2020 | Source: St Barnabas

This is our visual overview of the most useful resources. It may be difficult to read on a phone but should work on a tablet or computer. was not designed for COVID-19 but for palliative care. Over time the most read articles appear at the top of the page. With COVID-19 the situation has changed so rapidly that it can be difficult to navigate. This is a workaround. Would welcome feedback

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