Finding the words

This book is a resource for health and social care professionals whose work brings them into contact with people and families at the end of life. It accompanies the DVD Finding the Words and can be used individually or in small groups, with or without a facilitator/trainer, to help explore the issues discussed on the DVD and some of the evidence surrounding end of life conversations.

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Palliative Care Zone
5th April 2016

An excellent resource for patients, relatives and carers from the NHS in Scotland. It discusses symptom control, difficult conversations, planning for the future and preparing for death and bereavement. Most of the website is relevant to those living outside Scotland.

Getting serious about preventing hospital admission
22nd December 2015

This report from The National Council for Palliative Care sets out key steps that commissioners can take in collaboration with service providers to enable people who are approaching the end of life to avoid being admitted to hospital when this is possible and appropriate, as well as enabling those who are admitted to make a transition to a community setting quickly.

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