Fast Track Form for NHS Continuing Healthcare – Word document

Please read carefully. A simplified form for use under Covid-19. Downloads onto your computer. Send by email with the subject heading "Interim COVID-19 funding". Ideally with an attached Palliative Care Referral Form for a new application (Tip - search for SPA, I cannot add hyperlinks here) For a person returning or staying at home send to: For care homes or for a request to increase funding send to:

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National General Practice Profiles
16th May 2018 | Source: Public Health England

These profiles are designed to support GPs, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and local authorities to ensure that they are providing and commissioning effective and appropriate healthcare services for their local population.

Frailty Pathway. A patient centred approach Guidance for Clinicians
6th July 2016 | Source: LCHS

This prompt guide is aimed at clinicians to systematically assess patients, provide good care planning and be able to consider and review effectively once a patient is identified as frail.

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