EPaCCS Template and Tool download

Click on the zip file to download the EPaCCS template for either SystmOne or EMIS. Included is an extraction tool which is some clever software that creates a list of all your recorded palliative patients, their status and what you have already done for them. There are also suggestions for those things you may want to do in the near future. This will help with your GSF meetings. If you have any issues, please email the Palliative Care Coordination Centre necmid.sbh.pccc@nhs.net

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Coronavirus and older people
27th March 2020 | Source: BGS

This resource series brings together current advice from experts within the British Geriatric Society relating to older people and the current COVID-19 pandemic. The BGS will develop this series as the situation progresses. Note care homes might want to open the links relevant to them This information is intended for use by healthcare professionals.

Subcutaneous injections by carers, Lincolnshire Policy
17th September 2015

A local policy to allow informal carers to give injections to palliative care patients in the community. Updated 21/4/20

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