End of life care for adults: service delivery. NICE guideline ng142

This guideline covers organising and delivering end of life care services, which provide care and support in the final weeks and months of life (or for some conditions, years), and the planning and preparation for this. It aims to ensure that people have access to the care that they want and need in all care settings. It also includes advice on services for carers.

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Making the most of e-ELCA
7th April 2016

This guide is intended to provide a brief overview of factors that can help organisations maximise the effectiveness and value of using the End of Life Care for All e-learning programme(e-ELCA).

Primary Care Support from Macmillan for Cancer
25th March 2020 | Source: Macmillan

Macmillan has produced a number of toolkits, guidance documents and online training modules to support GPs as they connect with cancer patients from early diagnosis through to after treatment, and at end-of-life. Supporting resources for people with cancer have also been developed to help effective signposting and to shape the future of primary care.

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