End of life care for adults: service delivery. NICE guideline ng142

This guideline covers organising and delivering end of life care services, which provide care and support in the final weeks and months of life (or for some conditions, years), and the planning and preparation for this. It aims to ensure that people have access to the care that they want and need in all care settings. It also includes advice on services for carers.

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One chance to get it right
12th April 2015 | Source: Gov.uk

An alliance of 21 national organisations set up to improve care in the last few days and hours of life

Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines
5th April 2016

The Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines reflect a consensus of opinion about good practice in the management of adult patients with life limiting illness. They are designed for healthcare professionals from any care setting who are involved in supporting people with a palliative life-limiting condition.

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