End of life care for adults: service delivery. NICE guideline ng142

This guideline covers organising and delivering end of life care services, which provide care and support in the final weeks and months of life (or for some conditions, years), and the planning and preparation for this. It aims to ensure that people have access to the care that they want and need in all care settings. It also includes advice on services for carers.

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Commissioners’ checklist for end of life care
1st June 2016 | Source: London Clinical Strategic Networks

This document is primarily aimed to advise those commissioning end of life care. It is designed to be used as a resource for end of life care commissioners to review their existing services and to use those parts that are most relevant or needed locally. It may also assist commissioners who are working together to commission their end of life care specialist palliative services and developing a jointly agreed specification.

BTS Guidelines for Home Oxygen Use
29th January 2016

Palliative Oxygen Therapy is specifically discussed on pages 26 - 27 of the document. These are guidelines for Home Oxygen Use in adults and may not be appropriate in all circumstances. Published in Thorax June 2015. Recommended by our community respiratory team.

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