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An easy read document produced by Menap. Explains what to expect if someone I know goes into hospital. Helpful especially for someone with a learning disability

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The Daffodil Standards RCGP and Marie Curie. Identify
19th June 2019 | Source: RCGP and Marie Curie

The Daffodil Standards are a blend of quality statements, evidence-based tools, reflective learning exercises and quality improvement steps. The Standards offer a structure to enable practices to be proactive organisations in which continuous learning and quality improvement steps are an integral part of caring for people affected by Advanced Serious Illness and End of Life Care.

Top Tips for Care Homes
21st February 2018 | Source: Care Homes in Lincolnshire and St Barnabas Hospice

How to get the most out of a conversation with a health professional. This has been produced by Care Homes in Lincolnshire after conversations with St Barnabas Hospice.

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