Prescribing Oxygen under the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here is the updated guidance. There are links to the necessary documents. Take your time as I do not think it is written clearly for the casual prescriber, not used to the acronyms! However all the links are here. The Home Oxygen Consent Form (HOCF) and Initial Home Oxygen Risk Mitigation Form (IHORM) ​must be completed ​prior ​to completing a Part A Home Oxygen Order Form (HOOF). A palliative patient does not need a Home Oxygen Assessment and Review (HOS-AR) if they are not suitable.

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End of Life Care Pocket Guide
8th July 2020

For busy health professionals working in the COVID-19 pandemic. Discusses ReSPECT, ACPs, Safeguarding and Recognising Dying concisely

Verification of Expected Death – eLearning
3rd June 2020 | Source: Multiple national agencies

The course overview - "To provide underpinning knowledge associated with best practice for verifying an expected death, including a simulated practical experience in a controlled environment to assist the development of competent verification skills of a deceased person and to raise awareness of what could be a suspicious death." Click on the links in the document

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