Advance Care Plan (ACP) – Lincolnshire. Word version

The latest version of the Advance Care Plan for Lincolnshire which is much simpler, more person centred and a massive improvement. Only 4 pages long. You no longer need to be a health professional to understand it.

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Carer Administration of Subcutaneous Medicines as needed (sc injections prn)
1st April 2020 | Source: Helix Centre supported by NHSE

Carers must be identified and assessed by health professionals before acting on this information. Seriously ill people often want to spend their last days of life at home being cared for by family or friends. This website details how carers, who are looking after a very ill person at home, can be taught to give extra (top-up) doses of medication under the skin to the person they are caring for when they experience ‘breakthrough’ symptoms (that is, symptoms not controlled by their regular medication). This will be in addition to the care they are already receiving. There is also a Lincolnshire policy on this procedure. However the Helix protocol has been adapted for Covid-19

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