How do I remove patients from the GSF register / GSF status from a patient’s record altogether?

Last modified: 2nd May 2018

Cannot be done at the moment, there is currently no Read code.  Some practices remove the status by downgrading e.g. use the Blue GSF stage.

In the future, if a find/obtain/decide Read code is agreed it can be built into the SystmOne report and GSF register tool.  If this is done practices will be required to set up from scratch again. You can still manually remove patients by deleting them from the Excel GSF register in Excel or by unticking their name when generating Summary Reports.

How to access the EPaCCS Viewer?

Last modified: 2nd May 2018

The EPaCCS Viewer allows you to quickly see what has been entered onto the template by all organisations.
They will need to add (or have it added by their organisation administrator if they do not have the rights themselves) to their clinical tree they should know how to access the clinical tree.

  • When in Amend Tree Configuration
  • Go to Views folder
  • Go down to EPaCCs viewer and click on it then click on the arrow to move it across to the clinical tree
  • The up and down arrows can then be used to place it where they want it on their tree
  • Click ok and then ok again

For GPs:
You need System Administrator access rights on SystmOne to do this:
Setup > Users & Policy > Organisation Preferences > Clinical Policy (folder) > Tree Configuration
From there, select and ‘Amend Tree’ for the staff/clinicians they want to have access to the viewer. It may be that they have an organisation wide tree for all to use, or a separate one for GPs etc.
Once they have selected ‘Amend Tree’ they search in the search bar ‘EPaCCs Viewer’ and double click on the icon, check on the right hand side that it is on the tree and press ‘Ok’.
Users will need to log off and back on again in order for it to appear on the tree.
ALTERNATIVELY – If they are a user who has the rights to customize their own tree; they will need to right click on the clinical tree with a patient open and ‘Customize Tree’ that way. It will appear immediately for them.
Hope that helps – happy for people to contact me and I will talk them through it if needs be.

Catherine Watkins
Practice Manager
The Wolds Practice West Rd Tetford Lincs LN9 6QP
E: Catherine.watkins@LincolnshireEastCCG.nhs.uk
T: 01507 534903 DD: 01507 535001

What has been updated with the Lincolnshire EPaCCS download extraction tool for GSF meetings?

Last modified: 2nd May 2018

The SystmOne EPaCCS Report and GSF Register tools have been updated, with the following fixes:

  • Added functionality: Added filter for deceased patients, to only show patients in your register who have died in the last month (as opposed to three months).
  • GSF Register bug fix: Patients will have shown with the recent GSF code instead of highest level code.
  • GSF SystmOne report fix: Deducted patients no longer appear in SystmOne report.

If you have downloaded and set up your GSF report before the above date, it is recommended you repeat download the file once more and repeat the set up process, in order to take advantage of the improved version.


How to get the extraction tool to show only last month’s deaths?

Last modified: 6th October 2016

Changes have been made to the GSF register enabling you to filter patients who died more than 30 days before the current date.


How to add additional GPs to the source?

Last modified: 6th October 2016

List of GPs in Create Summary part (highlighted in Red below) this comes from the entire GP Name column in the GSF Register tab of the Excel spreadsheet. In red below, the list shows Dr A, Dr B and Dr C. This is because all patients in the register are allocated to one of these doctors.


Highlighted below in green, these doctors are the ones that appear in the list in the summary. This information is taken automatically from the reports from SystmOne/Emis, from the registered GP of the patient. You can change/update this in the spreadsheet without impacting the clinical record.


In green below you can see Dr A, Dr B and Dr C again, listed as the doctor for that patient. This will auto populate when the report from SystmOne/Emis is imported.

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