Your guide to decisions about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

This leaflet has been created to help you have a conversation with a health or social care professional about whether you want CPR. Produced by the NHS, this is used by most organisations in England.

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EPaCCS (GSF) download fault report form
29th January 2020

A fault report form to record issues with the EPaCCS download tool. This is forwarded to the developer. Please be aware that a response may be forthcoming but that support is not commissioned across Lincolnshire. However your feed back will lead to the software being improved and updates will be available on this website

COVID-19 rapid guideline: critical care. NICE
25th March 2020 | Source: NICE

NICE have released some guidance on critical care including an algorithm on pre- critical care decision-making. Mainly focused on hospital care

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