ReSPECT is a process that creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices.

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After Cancer Treatment: A Guide for Professionals
6th December 2016 | Source: Macmillan

This short guide is intended to accompany the Macmillan booklet ‘What to do after cancer treatment ends: 10 top tips’, a resource providing tips and advice for patients so that they know what to expect when they finish treatment and where they can go for further support.

Helping GPs to identify their palliative care patients
13th October 2015 | Source:

Around one percent of a GPs patients will die in any given year. The Find Your 1% campaign aims to help GPs identify those patients who have a year or less to live. The campaign is hosted by the Dying Matters Coalition.

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