My future wishes – Advance Care Planning (ACP) for people with dementia in all care settings

This guide provides signposting, information and support for colleagues in health, social and community care settings, around advance care planning for people living with dementia.

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Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Directory
6th July 2016 | Source: social care institute for excellence

The MCA Directory helps to raise awareness about the MCA, including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. You will find useful information and various tools to help understand or implement it.

Know About Me
30th March 2017

Dying Matters encourages everyone to think about their end of life care wishes, such as what treatments you wouldn't want to receive, and where you'd like to be when you die. We all need to think about this, and talk about it with those close to us. Sharing that information electronically makes it easier for our wishes to be known and shared, and thus more likely we'll get what we want.

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