Fast Track Tool from Continuing Health Care CHC

Here is the latest form from CHC as a Word Document to be completed. They do not have a website to upload this from so please tell me if they change it

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Assess your own GSF palliative care meetings for GPs
1st June 2016

This is a tool for GPs designed to help them improve their GSF Palliative care meetings. It looks at whether the correct patients are identified, whether there is a systematic approach to care and makes practical suggestions. This redirects you to a new tool so please feedback comments to improve it.

St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln In Patient Unit (IPU) referral form
26th July 2017

When referring a patient into the IPU a form will need to be completed and returned to St Barnabas inpatient unit. Use fax (number on the form), secure email at, or by uploading to SystmOne and tasking ‘IPU referrals’ to notify the team of the referral. If the form is uploaded to SystmOne, please ensure a share is in place so it can be accessed by the hospice.

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