End of life care STP (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) support tool Lincolnshire

This information and data pack was produced collaboratively by NHS England, Public Health England (PHE) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It contains a sample of end of life care metrics, which may be of interest to you and could help support local decision making. Following these metrics you will nd information on the outcome of CQC inspections of end of life care services in your STP area.

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Oxygen Guidance Information
29th January 2016

Health Professionals Guide to Completing Part A HOOF produced by Air Liquide. Recommended by our community respiratory team.

Syringe driver policy and protocol
17th September 2015

This policy applies to the use of the CME McKinley T34 Syringe driver for subcutaneous infusions in adults in palliative care.

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