Care of dying adults in the last days of life – Quality standard NICE 2017

Easier to read than the full guidance, this lists the quality standards for all providers published March 2017. This standard is based on NG31. This standard should be read in conjunction with QS13, QS15 and QS32.

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PallCare Matters (PANG for smartphones)
24th April 2015

You must register for this site. Palliative Care Adult Network Guidelines for smartphones. Excellent information but some users do not like the format.

St Barnabas Clinical Strategy 2017-2022
20th September 2017 | Source: St Barnabas

An easy to view version of the 5 year clinical strategy of St Barnabas Hospice setting out their vision of what hospice care will look like going forward 2017-2022

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