Achieving excellent end of life care locally

How the public can work with Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) to achieve excellent end of life care locally

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No painful compromise
14th June 2017 | Source: Hospice UK

A guide for commissioners and providers to improve pain management for dying people at home from Hospice UK. This research was commissioned by NHS England as part of the Strategic Partner Programme, which includes Hospice UK and National Council for Palliative Care.

Advice and information – useful links for patients and carers
13th October 2015 | Source: National End of Life Care Intelligence Network

If you are a patient, carer, or concerned about end of life care, there are a number of organisations that provide expert advice and information. You can find a useful list of these below at this site.

The website is not designed to give medical advice, but rather to give information on a wide range of topics to health and social care staff, no matter where they work. Find out more